FAQ - Care Instructions

Important Product Info and Care Instructions:

All KLEIN&SCHON Products are made from Polymer Clay. Polymer Clay is a light weight, durable (won't smash when you drop it) and made out of PVC. It is durable, however still needs to be treated with care.

KLEIN&SCHON Hoop Earrings are sturdy but still reasonably delicate and should be stored in a safe place where they will not be squashed or bent out of shape. If, by chance, you mark your earrings with make up (for example), an every day nail file can be used to lightly file the marks off easily.

All KLEIN&SCHON vase interiors are coated with resin, making them waterproof and able to contain cold liquids. Polymer Clay is not food safe, Do not use for eating or drinking out of. They are best to be used for containing candles, plants, displaying flowers, or keeping various objects within them. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE IN HOT WATER, MICROWAVE OR DISHWASHER.